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Lawn Care And Maintenance

Your lawn and landscape are an extension of your home since it’s the welcoming place of entertaining, relaxing, and having fun. Even though lot of time and effort is required to maintain your lawn year-round, regular lawn care and lawn maintenance keeps your lawn and landscape beautiful and inviting ever. In order to keep your lawn healthy throughout the year we City Facility Services here to provide consistent quality lawn care and lawn maintenance.  

By hiring a professional, you can expect regular, reliable lawn care and lawn maintenance services without exerting time and effort on your own. A knowledgeable, skilled expert will be assigned to your home on a regular basis allowing you and your family the freedom to simply enjoy the benefits of your outdoor living space.

Trustworthy solutions of the highest quality care and maintenance on one of the most apparent components of your property; the lawn, will be ranged from mowing to fertilization and more.

Maintenance of your lawn is much more affordable than replacement than you think. Considering the long run, it’s more cost-effective to schedule maintenance regularly than take action when your lawn becomes unhealthy or damaged beyond repair. As per your requirements we treat your lawn like ours and customize it, in order to turn safe and beautiful landscape for kids and pets to play. City Facility Lawn Maintenance includes;

  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Regular watering and weeding
  • Border edging for driveways, walkways, and patio areas
  • Cleaning of driveways, walkways, and patio areas
  • Spring yard cleanup to remove dead winter growth and debris
  • Summer Pruning of Trees and Shrubs
  • Fall yard cleanup to remove leaves and debris and prepare for winter

Your lawn will also require additional attention to remain lush and healthy which we call the needing as lawn care. It refers to maintaining the health, color and vitality of existing lawns through the years with functioning of pest control, weed control, fertilization, soil testing, aeration, and seeding, deep root feeding for trees and shrubs and irrigation.

Whether you take care of your lawn, or hire a professional, these are things that you should keep on mind for regular lawn care. Because as professional in lawn care and maintenance we generally works on a set schedule and with years of experience we know when and what it applicable to provide solutions to entails keeping your lawn and outdoor property clean and manicured year round.

Best Practices of Lawn Care and Maintenance

  • Disease control

Diseases can significantly impact the appearance and health of your lawn in a negative way, and that is why it’s important to ensure that your turf is not infected in any way. Some of the factors that can increase the risk of turf diseases include over-fertilizing, excess watering, and trimming the lawn in the wrong way. To ensure that your lawn stays healthy, it is essential to ensure that you are applying disease prevention and control measures.

  • Weed control

Weeds are some the worst enemies to plants and, in this case, your turf. Proper lawn care should ensure that unwanted plants are eliminated. Weeds can be controlled using mechanical methods such as removing them manually, or chemical methods such as the use of herbicides.

  • Fertilizing

Fertilizing the lawn is an important practice. It provides nutrients that promote the healthy growth of your grass. The frequency of fertilizing depends on a few factors, among them your region, and the particular needs of your lawn. However, it is usually preferable to fertilize during fall.

  • Seeding

It is essential to point out that seeding can be quite expensive, but it has a great benefit to your lawn. Seeding helps to fill in the thinned-out areas of your lawn, creating a dense growth of grass that discourages pests and weeds. And also allow you to introduce a new type of grass that’s more resistant to diseases and insects.

  • Lawn Mowing

Mowing and regular lawn care can keep your yard looking good, but also sanitizes the area by eliminating some of the pests. In most cases, lawn mowing also encourages new, uniform growth as more energy is diverted to the grass blades. Cutting the grass regularly also protects the lawn mowing machines as there is less grass clumping up. There is such a thing as excessive mowing. As a rule of thumb, about 1/3rd of the blade should be removed with each mowing and most grass species should not be cut shorter than 2 inches.

Benefits of regular care

  • Reduced accidental damage

A percentage of people lack the basic knowledge of how to properly care for their lawn. This increases the risk of accidental damage to themselves and to the property. Investing in our professional services gives you the peace of mind that your lawn is being taken care of by experts, who know how to avoid possible hazards while keeping your lawn healthy and attractive.

  • Less physical labor for you

Lawn care requires some physical effort, depending on how you tend to your grass. It also requires you to dedicate time to lawn care on a regular basis and perform those physical tasks. A lot of people prefer to hire professional lawn care services, not because they can’t perform it themselves, but because it saves them time and effort that they can apply to more lucrative tasks.

  • Consistent landscaping

Most people work on a tight schedule and tend to postpone mundane tasks such as lawn care very often. By having someone do this work for you consistently, you might even save some money compared to paying to repair a damaged, unkempt lawn.

  • Lawn repair

Doing everything right when it comes to lawn maintenance reduces the risk of bare spots popping uninvited and ruining your lawn. But, even then, factors outside of your control can interfere with all your hard work. Whether you need your lawn reseeded or a larger bare patch repaired with sod, R & G Almanza Landscape can help you put back the lush, bright green into your lawn.

If you interested in keeping the captivate charm of your property all year long, contact City Facility Services or make an appointment here. We are always ready to deliver high quality service upon customer’s convenient time period at affordable price.