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Mowing / Ride On Mowing

Even if maintaining a picture perfect lawn takes quite a bit of work, it is a great way to start the mowing of yard properly. A lot of homeowners feel that they need to pull out their mower when their yard looks overgrown, but a healthy, lush lawn needs regular mowing. So we City Facility Services here to provide professional care for maintaining your yard, we can handle all of your lawn mowing and lawn care needs.

Regular Lawn Mowing

Regular lawn mowing is the best way to take care of grass on your outdoor space. Through mowing it keeps the grass level.  With a levelled lawn, all sun and rain properties distribute evenly over your lawn, so that your grass will be in the best of health. Constant care on your property is key for a lush lawn, and to keep pests at bay. Rodents, snakes and your regular bugs love hiding out in tall, dry grass. So don’t leave any chance for them to grow in your yard.

As an important benefit we can indicate that regular lawn mowing will provide your grass with its very own fertilizer. Which is able to save your both time and money. Fallen shoots of grass decompose quickly and return to the soil, bring new life and vitality to your lawn. Even if you do request cut grass to be bagged and disposed of, the small amount remaining will do wonders for the health of your lawn. Let City Facility Service Lawn Mowing to build up your dreamy graceful lawn, while you relax and enjoy it year-round.

Ride on Mowing

The most convenient way of mowing your lawn for large lawns, paddocks or fields is with ride on mowing. Ride on mowers can be expensive, hard to control and difficult to turn if inexperienced. Therefore, you should leave it up to Lawn Mowing professionals to maintain your lawn all year round. Whether we use a ride on mower or a push mower, we will guarantee to get the job done properly and to the highest standard.

Your lawn is mowed within a snap. It can guaranteed if the job done by a professional will be in a high standard. However ride on mowers can be used on flat land, as well as gentle slopes only – if the incline is too much, there is a risk of rollover for the mower operator, so before going to serve we need to ensure that point.

Good lawn mowing does more than just keep the lawn at the desired length. When lawn mowing is done properly, the density of the lawn increases and this in turn decreases weeds. Proper mowing creates a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant lawn. With good mowing, a virtuous circle is formed! These are some guidelines for perfect lawn mowing practices if you are mowing lawn by yourself.

Key steps in mowing a Lawn

  • Make sure that lawn area should be clear such as children toys, hard objects and especially damaging objects such as hidden bricks;
  • If the customer has pets and children ensure that they are in safe distance from the mowing activity;
  • Pre-check the lawn mower to make sure it’s safe. It is strongly recommended that the mower is filled up with sufficient fuel to finish the mowing job
  • Start by mowing around the perimeter of the lawn. Work back and forth across the lawn in stripes. It is good practice to work parallel to the house and overlap the strips slightly.
  • Go over the mown stripes with a roller. Rolling bends the grass, creating light and dark stripes as you roll in one direction and then the other. The effect is very aesthetically pleasing.

Valuable tips on lawn mowing

  • What about mowing in the rain? Well, we do mow in the rain because we have petrol mowers for performance. Electric mowers shouldn’t use in the rain as water conducts electricity and you risk getting an electric shock. Also, you need to make sure you empty the grass collection box more frequently if you are mowing in the rain as the grass cuttings can get very compacted.
  • There is a risk that the worn wheels of an older mower can result in tram lines. This is not such an issue if lawn mowing is done regularly as the direction of mowing to be altered on the next mow.
  • Make sure you sharpen your mower blade before each mowing season. Indeed, dull blades shred the top of the grass, leaving frayed ends that can dry out and turn brown.
  • Don’t forget to change the pattern each time to avoid wearing wheel marks into the lawn.
  • When cutting very long grass, you will find that the lawn underneath will be brown for a week or so but it will regenerate. However, you can help the process by mowing twice in opposite directions and then mowing again a week or so later.

We offer a full and flexible lawn mowing service to meet all your needs as efficiently as focusing on providing great customer service. Contact us; The City Facility Services or make a reservation in here.