City Facility Services

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Our Services

Cleaning Services

Carpet steam cleaning/furniture

We are delivering top-notch service on steam cleaning to get your home carpet cleaned effortlessly and cleaning of furniture to leave your home disinfect and healthy.

End of lease cleaning

We will stay in your shoes to achieve the obligation of returning property after a detailed and thorough clean before the end of your tenancy period.

Windows and grout cleaning

We restore your premise’s aesthetics and function with our care on window and grout cleaning with the use of secure products to have a fresh and renewed appearance.

Rubbish removal

We are equally good at removing the waste even though not all created equal way. We can help you with clearance of rubbish while delivering the best services.

preventative clean

We are following guidelines of health authorities in order to replicate good hygiene and cleanliness on your premises as preventive measure in defeating any influenza and protecting your people.

pressure washing

We are here to put back the original glory of your premises in siding, deck, driveway or other outdoor surfaces which easily can lose its appearance over the time.

flood restoration

We will be there when you’re dealing with a flooding of a burst pipe or a flash flood due to severe weather; to remove standing water, clean and restore your property.

Lawn care service

Lawn care and maintenance

We look forward to helping you ensure the beauty of your lawn which captivate overall charm of the premises by keeping your lawn green, vibrant, healthy, and free of weeds.

Mowing / ride on mowing

We are offering you the professional care to enhance the overall appeal of your house and the positive health of land significantly increases with a freshly mowed lawn.

Weeding and weed control

We will help you to get rid of weeds which disrupt the appearance in beauty of your lawn by our care in weeds native of your region and its removal treatments.

Trimming / hedging

We can help you to enhance and maintain the aesthetic appearance of your landscaping. Differentiating the care upon trees we will keep your property beautiful ever.