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preventative clean

As living in a crucial time period with decontamination of coronavirus we support you to protect your loved ones through our disinfectant and decontamination cleaning services. We can eliminate the virus which may be living on surfaces in buildings and vehicles which can still spread to other people. We are fully trained technicians and available for emergency coronavirus decontamination nationwide, using specialist fogging and disinfection cleaning of regular contact points.

A higher-grade disinfectant is tested to be effective against a wide range of viruses and bacteria including Coronavirus, creating an inhospitable surface for these dangerous microorganisms, keeping your facility safer for everyone.

Preventative cleans are a preventative measure and should be adopted not only whilst COVID-19 is a threat, but every year with influence situation to reduce the risk of your people getting sick and impacting your business performance. We can help decontaminate, contaminated surfaces or high touch point areas such as doors, kitchen/toilet areas, benches, and light switches, to reduce the risk of your people been infected.

We City Facility Services offering you;

  • Reassure the people

We can help you reassure people; if you’re running a business staff are worried and unhappy about working in premises due to the risk. With our professional care you can guarantee them it is safe.

  • Fast & Effective Disinfection Service

We offer you a fast and effective disinfecting and decontamination cleaning service which kills traces of the coronavirus on surfaces. This provides reassurance to staff and helps combat absenteeism as they are less likely to come in to contact with the virus where it can exist.

  • Disinfectant Fogging Service

We offer an effective disinfecting fogging service as a trained technician for commercial and residential premises. This treatment includes wiping regular contact points and special ULV applications that fill the rooms with a fine mist, penetrating surfaces and leaving a residue that’s effective for up to 7 days.

  • Non-Toxic Treatment

The treatment is non-toxic and is fully safe for adults, children and pets and is suitable for a wide range of surfaces including; carpets, upholstery, hard floors, cupboards, kitchen tops, chairs, desks, tables and walls.

  • Fast Response Emergency service – Nationwide

Speed is of essence when dealing with outbreaks, we are able to offer a fast responsive disinfection service to you.

  • Fully Protected Staff

We will ensure they are fully protected wearing appropriate and correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and follow current government guidance.

  • Confirmation & Certification of Anti-Viral Disinfectant Treatment

This is a disinfectant treatment service to combat the Covid-19 virus and should be used in addition to regular cleaning services. A confirmation & certificate of our anti-viral disinfection treatment will be issued on completion providing your employees and customer’s peace of mind when on your premises.

Contact us or make an appointment for keep safety of your loved ones through viral infections like Coronavirus.