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Weeding and weed control

For a well-maintained lawn weeds are very unwelcome sight and it disrupt in health of other greens in your lawn too. As weeds spread across your lawn, they compete for the sunlight and nutrients that your grass needs to flourish. Unfortunately, watering and mowing only speeds up their growth. But you don’t have to let weeds ruin your otherwise great lawn. Weeds compete with productive crops or pasture, they can be poisonous, distasteful, produce burrs, thorns or otherwise interfere with the use and management of desirable plants. With weed control and pre-emergent weed control programs you’ll be able to get rid of the most common and most stubborn weeds in your area.

Weeds easily take over your garden if you couldn’t pay attention on plants frequent regular basis which means consume more time and weeding being a tedious task. Due to this reason, garden beds left untended. We have years of experience in dealing with weeds and plants, so we know all of the tips and tricks to deliver the best lawn treatment for weeds.

We start with a comprehensive assessment of the weed issues threatening your lawn. We understand the factors that go into weed infestations, including your lawn’s health, the soil, and local growing conditions. We use our expertise knowledge and experience to create a custom treatment plan for your lawn, making sure your lawn gets the weed control it needs.

We will help you to keep your home free of weeds, minus the hassle, by provide exemplary lawn weed control services for our valued residential customers. The process begins with;

  • Identifying lawn weeds

This is one of the most important steps of controlling lawn weeds, which is identifying exactly what types of weeds are invading your lawn in the first place. Then we can get action on a lawn care plan for weed control treatments. The more we control the weeds, the better your lawn will look and feel. These are the common classification of weeds found in the grass;

  • Annuals grow and produce seeds, then die within a single year. Some annuals may survive a second year in warmer climates. Annual weeds are the easiest to kill.
  • Biennials live for two years. First year is vegetative development and the second year is flowering and seed development.
  • Perennials live from season to season and produce seeds annually.
  • Weed control treatment

Weed control methods stop weeds from reaching a mature stage of growth when they could be harmful to domesticated plants, by using manual techniques including soil cultivation, mulch with weed control, and herbicides. The best way to prevent weeds may be to grow a plush and healthy lawn, but chances are they will still sprout. Fortunately, there are a few proven methods for weed control services.

Our lawn care experts examine your yard to create a weed control plan customized to your lawn’s exact needs to get that perfectly lush, green look you want. Through our weed treatment not only proper and effective weed management but also an emphasis on lawn fertilization for healthy grass.

  • Weed Prevention

Prevention is often the key to long-lasting health in a lawn or garden, since manual weed removal isn’t a practical method for every case the best option may be to use a pre-emergent weed killer or herbicides. Pre-emergent treatments keep grass healthy by protecting it against invasive broadleaf weeds while your yard and garden will be protected against a wide range of weeds year-round. Herbicides are extremely effective at combating weed invasion and eliminating weeds.

  • Organic / natural weed control

Organic weed control for lawns that kill weeds are safer for both family and pets too. Children and pets play close to the ground and are more likely to come in contact with weed-killing chemicals than you. Dogs and cats will chew grass and plants, ingesting dangerous compounds that could have long-term consequences, some even causing cancer. Also chemicals will risk in using for drinking and household usage because chemicals seep into the soil and, eventually, get into the groundwater and circle with water flows which can be our water source. Organic compounds used to kill weeds don’t use this chemical, making them safe for the whole family and the environment.

With all that City Facility Services well aware of how to tackle and eliminate all of weeds effective manner. Our pros have you covered with our weed control services, so don’t delay weed removal. Schedule for our weed control services to prevent the spread of weed seeds.