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Windows And Grout Cleaning

Our window cleaning service and grout cleaning services professionally customized according to your needs. Especially observing the application we offer our care in windows and grouts while processing with best products and right equipment. As the both tasks of window cleaning and grout cleaning is time intensive and regularly troublesome or perilous to do, we do understand the demand of you which either enhanced presentation, clear inventory visibility, capturing natural light, sanitization in glass or floor, deep clean or interior and exterior cleaning. Having clean and clear windows and grouts can turn your premises even better place to live in, as City Facility Services we intend to deliver our professional care to achieve that.


Any type of windows that are used for structural, lighting, or decorative purposes always need to stay at their crystal clear, streak-free shape to gain results out of them. Enlisting the services of a professional window cleaning not only make your life easier but also become a part of your success and profitability.

We offer window care facilities upon your customized requirements based on your business, living area and variables such as children, pets and the amount of cooking and entertaining that you do. On correct place we used our manual labor to process the duty with a variety of professional tools for cleaning and access in order to provide best service and experience.

Use our service confidently because it comes with exclusive customer satisfaction guarantee. It is our promise to our customers – industry leading standards in customer service, professionalism and job quality.

Our specialty includes in;

  • External and Internal window cleaning

In order for a window to look clean, it has to be cleaned both on the inside as well as the outside. With the use of specialized equipment we are able to clean both sides of your window.

  • Pressurized cleaning

High-pressure washing applies for removing stubborn stains and marks from your window. It can get rid of things like mold, grime, dirt and dust while presenting pure surface.

  • Builders cleaning

After a process of renovation or construction; property need to be in presentable shape, we facilitate our services for cleaning and remove all the rubbish, dust, and materials left over from work.

  • Security and fly screen cleaning

We provide service on cleaning the screens which will liven up your rooms removing dirty fly screens limit fresh air from entering your home.  

  • Window track cleaning

We ensure functioning of window movement smooth by removing the rubbish and dirt that builds up on tracks and applying greasing to keep away clogging.

  • Pole, high ladder and abseiling

We can access to clean high rise building to get to the hardest to reach spots to clean your windows in order to present best quality work done in a swift and professional manner.

Our professional window cleaning can add the extra touch to ensure an exceptional impression, attraction and safety through freshly cleaned windows that can capture perfect image of a well-maintained home and create a breezy, spacious look for interior spaces. Make an appointment on City Facility Services to have the best and high quality service to affordable price and flexible time schedules.


Professional care on your grout is essential to your home or business’ cleaning agenda because mopping and scrubbing won’t be enough at some point if you want a clean surface with its luster and shine shape. Since grout is porous and easily absorbs all debris and dirt, regular cleaning methods will only remove the surface soil and not the embedded dirt.

Eventually build up mold and mildew on the surface of your grout over time, will affect to lose their appearance. While these unhealthy irritants easily fragile for an unhygienic surface that cultivates mold, fungus, bacteria and germs. Our services use stronger solutions and equipment to penetrate the surface of your tiles on such situation and we are armed with the right tools and products which are healthy for your environment.

As a professional on the field over years we are well aware which procedures are safe to perform on your tiles. Providing guarantees that your grout won’t be damaged because we will keep your residential or commercial property’s surface in good condition not just for a moment but forever.

 Our specialty includes in;

  • Provide cleaner and healthier surface

Grout cleaning process able to removes an average of 96% of common household allergens.

  • Stain resistant grout

A finishing coat of our clear grout sealant protects your grout lines from accidents like small spills and spots.

  • A protective barrier

As grout is a porous material that absorbs soil and spills, with the applicant of sealant will creates a protective barrier, making it easier to clean spills on your grout before they soak in.

  • Restore grout color or change it completely

For deep, stubborn spots, you can go for our color sealant to restore your grout to a uniform color while offering all the benefits of our clear sealant.

  • Usage of right products and equipment

We avoid using harsh chemical cleaners that might break down sealants around your surface to removes the tough dirt from your floors safely and gently. With our cleaning solution your grout surface doesn’t leave a residue.

We take note of your special requests and adhere to your schedules, so that you can approach us easily. The City Facility Grout Cleaning Service is dedicated to getting the job done right always to be your go-to provider of professional grout cleaning services. Enjoy a cleaner home or business space today, contact us or make an appointment to us.